Maria & Adam

As a wife, all weddings tug at my heartstrings. But vow renewals, even more so. Celebrating ten years of marriage is an amazing accomplishment, and certainly one that deserves a party! Adam and Maria, who happen to be close personal friends of my husband, are an inspiring couple to us all. He is a Marine Corps HMX pilot and she is a photographer. They’re both parents. They celebrated ten years at the Kenmore Inn in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, with their ceremony on the gorgeous back patio and reception in the downstairs historic pub. Their renewed vows were witnessed by nearly 100 guests, with members of their church and family seated in the front rows. Maria, who is a colleague of mine in the wedding industry, has an amazing eye. Her artistic skills are evident in the details of the event, from the color palette to the ribbon wands to rose piñata for the children. The centerpiece of the day was a private photo shoot with the couple at Chatham Manor, which overlooks historic Fredericksburg. Given that Adam and Maria were unable to pay top dollar for their photography at their original wedding, it was especially important to them to take the time as a couple, and as parents, to capture just the two of them. Cheers to you, my friends! Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Glass Jar Photography

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