It’s Wednesday.  Blog day.  But today I’m also working on timelines for a couple of my upcoming weddings and I happened to notice that one client is doing a first look and one isn’t.  This inspired me to share my opinion on first looks.

“First looks” are when a bride and groom see each other in all their wedding regalia prior to the walk down the aisle.  Photographers typically coordinate the first look in adorable fashion.  (The bride walks up to the groom when his back is turned, she taps on his shoulder, he turns around and Wow! …You get the gist.)  It used to be considered bad luck if a couple saw each other prior the wedding ceremony, but as the wedding industry has evolved so has this tradition.

I personally did not have a first look at my wedding.  My now-husband and I chose to see each other for the first time when I walked into the church and headed down the aisle on the arm of my dad.  There was a lot of genuine emotion, and we shared that first-hand with our family and friends.  It was very special for us.  Even looking back, I wouldn’t change our decision.  As a bride, I did not prefer a first look.  But here is why many couples are choosing to have a first look on their wedding day…

A wedding can be a whirlwind experience.  Even with a wedding planner to manage your vendors and timeline, quiet moments as a couple are few.  Having a first look allows you to experience the genuine emotion that comes with seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day without sharing that moment with others.  First looks allow for focus and time to soak in the experience.  It also allows more time for pictures pre-ceremony, which means you’ll have less obligations after the ceremony.  As a wedding planner, I prefer a first look.

No matter what you decide, know that there isn’t a wrong decision here!  Timelines are flexible.  You will have your perfect day, your way.  I hope this gives you the facts and better equips you to make your decision regarding doing a first look on your wedding day.

And not to confuse the issue, but I LOVE a Father/Daughter first look! 

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