Anjali & Tom

Anjali & Tom Anjali and Tom were married in mid-October at Fawn Lake Country Club in Fredericksburg, Virginia. From the time that we began working together, I knew they’d become one of my most memorable clients: Anjali and Tom met in Singapore and currently reside in London. He is from Scotland. She claims Maryland [...]

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Jenna and Debajit hired me to be their wedding planner for their entire wedding weekend, which began on Friday, October 27, 2017 with their Indian wedding ceremony at The Graduate Hotel Charlottesville.  By the end of their black tie wedding reception, which was held at Castle Hill Cider in Keswick on Saturday, October 28, I felt like [...]

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It’s Wednesday.  Blog day.  But today I’m also working on timelines for a couple of my upcoming weddings and I happened to notice that one client is doing a first look and one isn’t.  This inspired me to share my opinion on first looks. “First looks” are when a bride and groom see each other [...]

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